heart transplant

Uncharted Waters: My Husband Needs a Heart Transplant

“That’s impossible,” I said when I first heard the news. “I don’t believe that.” I think my mind and body had gone into some sort of automatic defense mode as

heart transplant

Writing Until My Heart’s Content…

Life. It's crazy, isn't it? Maybe not. But for me, it is. When I look back at the last decade of my life, it's hard to imagine that all of


Are You a Good Neighbor?

Storytime! Last week, my son was outside watering the flowers and the lawn at our condo when our neighbor went by. About 3 units down lives a nice family, with

heart transplant journey

Loving This Broken Heart: A Look Back on Day 1 of Our Heart Transplant Journey

February 28th, 2020. It was our first appointment at the Yale-New Haven Heart and Vascular Center with a heart transplant team. Walking through the doors of a medical building on

last day of school

An Open Letter to Our Son’s Educators of 2020

It's so hard to fathom that another school year has ended. For Anthony, the 2019-2020 school year began with a fresh start in a new school. It started as a






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