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Loving This Broken Heart: A Look Back on Day 1 of Our Heart Transplant Journey

We were doing this.

We had no choice, yet somehow we were choosing to take the road less traveled.

Loving this broken heart has come with challenges, but the gifts it brings are much more valuable than what a healthy heart has to offer.

I can’t wait to see our finished masterpiece when this broken heart is finally fixed. After all, it’s the broken ones that bring the most beauty into our lives if we’re willing to take the time and care to piece them back together.

Aren’t we all a little bit broken anyways?

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last day of school

An Open Letter to Our Son’s Educators of 2020

Then the world was turned upside down. Everything changed. Like all the other children in this country, he was faced with unexpected challenges. Learning was different. Our home was different. Life was different. Sometimes the smallest lessons have the most profound impact on our daily lives. I credit one such lesson with giving Anthony the ability to roll with the punches this year. I couldn’t think of a better gift to take away from Kindergarten than the “power of the yet.”

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heart transplant

Uncharted Waters: My Husband Needs a Heart Transplant

Now, my husband was standing in front of me, frustrated by my reaction, as he told me his only option left was to get on the heart transplant list.

As someone who is so painfully used to navigating the ship against a storm of medical conditions in our household, it felt like I had just left the bosun to man the bridge when an iceberg suddenly appeared. What in the actual hell?

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